I salute you - The colour Red

In the last couple of years, I have noticed that all my favourite tipples, cocktails, champagnes, even fruit juices are all red in colour, and it's coincidental that my favourite colour is red. Fabulous!

Kir Royale, Mondelli, Mulled wine and a cocktail called Beethoven the Fifth (Not Fifth of Beethoven) which consists of champagne, blackberry liquor and peach schnapps, which is glorious and has a wonderful aroma served only at the Milestone Hotel in Kensington, mmm... absolutely delicious.

What an empowering colour used for the festive season, the language of love and anything else where you feel you want to be taken seriously.

So here's to the colour RED.

I salute your strength, your importance, your power, your confidence, your ability to stand out and matter and most importantly, I salute to your fire, passion and extreme sexiness.

Let's celebrate and say 'Cheers' to the colour RED, and on that note I finish off the year 2014 with a few jewellery pieces to own the stage and make your presence count.

I salute you red.

Oh yes, absolutely!


I salute you - The colour Red

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