Seen and be heard

Hello Expressionistas,

With Valentine's Day and London Fashion Week approaching, I'm like a busy bee preparing my 2015 collection.
I am so excited for next month that I'm already thinking about what I am doing for 2016! This year is all about getting out there, networking and visiting as many shows, events and functions that I possibly can.

My style is bold and fabulous, leather clad and as much bling you can set your eyes on.
I'm loving this year's fashion trend, it's right up my alley using influences from the 70's which I adore, florals, suede material and pastel colours. The use of purple, blue and greens have my creative juices flowing like crazy!!!!

My new collection of 1940's bags will be in the Accessories section of the website - again bold and expressive with customised vintage materials used to bring the past forward. All the materials are recycled and are designed to be fully functional, practical and keeping up with today's trends - with new chokers, bangles and earrings (told you I have been busy).

I hope you will like them. I will continue to update you with my new pieces. In the meantime, stay elegant, "expressive" like the woman you have always meant to be and let 2015 be fun and explosive, wherever you are and whatever you're doing!

I am ready, bring it on people, bring it on...

Oh yes absolutely!


Seen and be heard - The Epitome vintage clutch bag

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